Battle on Snoeshoes



Robert Rogers’ Legendary Break Contact- 1757

On 21 JAN 1757, Rogers’ Rangers on a recon patrol(referred to as a “scout” by Rogers) found themselves ambushed by 250 French Infantry and their allied Indian tribes, countered the ambush and broke contact.

Rogers’ men were badly outnumbered and taken by surprise; the French muskets misfired due to wet powder and ill-equipped for the weather, the French Infantry found themselves unable to move in the deep snow.

Rogers and his men set a historical precedent in the way Small Units operate- one that is still taught to this day- paying attention to the way the Natives fought and always seeking to improve and refine their equipment and tactics off of it. His Unit was made of hard men forged even harder under his command; never yielding to odds whether in their favor or not, and usually the latter. Find a way to win.

You should be doing the same.

God Bless You, from the woods of North Carolina.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    Think running a NPT security patrol in warm weather is daunting? Try it in winter….in deep snow…with snow shoes. It’s a whole ‘nother thing. When one lives in an area that has very cold temperatures and the potential for deep accumulated snow, learning to snow shoe is as essential as learning knots, building fires, shelters, and marksmanship…..

  3. House

    Another fascinating gent is Benjamin Church who undertook ranging in earlier conflicts against the French and their native allies.

  4. Quietus

    Am using snowshoes to get around just now. Truck had to be chained up to get to this camp site.

    All I have out for comms here is a Slim Jim co-axed to a Wouxon HT. But it works.

    On a walkabout yesterday, I found a site within the local legal limits of Forest Service rules, that will provide an un-seen hull-down campsite for an ATV. All that will show from the nearby road, is a J-pole or Slim Jim. The find, made me a happy camper. Been running that road occasionaly for more than twenty years. Having to get out on snowshoes found me that special hull-down spot.

    There’s all sorts of jewels to be found if you slow down and look around.

  5. Kris

    I trip over myself in snowshoes all the time. Should upgrade to some MSRs…can’t imagine having to break contact while wearing the things. Amazing feat those folks pulled off!

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