Open Enrollment Dates

Mark your calendars! The next two open enrollment dates for courses:

RTO Course: 14-15 April / $200 per student [More Dates To Be Added After 1 May 18]

This course covers the basics of creating communications infrastructure off-grid for small groups. While many think getting a ham radio license is the alpha and omega of preparedness, in most cases the absolute opposite is true. This class places a strong emphasis on skills that cannot be learned anywhere else, taught in a hands on environment from experience you’ll get nowhere else. No matter what equipment or skill level you or your group has, you will come away from this course with the confidence and competence to communicate in an improvised, small unit, or other austere condition with commonly found equipment. Course is limited to 12 students; read the description here and a recent testimonial here

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3): 2-3 June / $300, limited to 8 students

TC3 covers the techniques for addressing battlefield trauma between the time of initial injury to the response by higher levels of care. This course is intended to teach those with no medical background basic life saving techniques with commonly available medical items. Students will learn the correct focus, setup and use of the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), the correct process of treating a casualty, proper uses and different types of tourniquets in common use, administration of pressure dressings and prevention of hypothermia. Second day of training will culminate in an FTX involving reacting to, treating, and moving simulated casualties. Upon conclusion of this course you will be able to effectively respond to casualties from combat related trauma.

Private group training is also available. If your group cannot make the trip to NC, I’m open to travel on a case-by-case basis. Email all inquires to [email protected].