Open Enrollment Dates Summer 2018

We’ve got several new dates for Open Enrollment classes– mark your calendars.

9-10 JUNE : RTO Course $200

30 JUNE- 1 JULY : First Line Course/ Navigation and Basic Survival $200

14-15 JULY: RTO Course $200

4-5 AUGUST: Tactical Combat Casualty Care $300

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any questions or concerns. There may be dates added periodically. As always, private training and regional travel is available on request for groups.

Reviews from previous classes:

Student Testimonials from the Last Class

A Recent Course Review




10 thoughts on “Open Enrollment Dates Summer 2018

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  2. dangero

    I just got the go ahead from Household 6 to attend the July RTO class, how do I enroll/where do I send payment?

    1. That’s an Ontario Ranger RD-7. HIGHLY suggest it as a blade.

      7.5 inches of 1/4in 5160. Extremely easy to sharpen in the field, holds a good edge, does every task I ask it to without fail.

  3. Doc

    I seem to recall that you preferred the FT-817. How would it compare with the KX3 with the 2m module? I realize the absence of the 70cm band, but an internal ATU seems to offset that IMHO.



    1. I like the 817, but I think there’s a number of products that far outclass it on the market in just the past few years.

      I don’t own a KX3, so I can’t say.

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