Open Enrollment Dates Summer 2018

We’ve got several new dates for Open Enrollment classes– mark your calendars.

9-10 JUNE : RTO Course $200

30 JUNE- 1 JULY : First Line Course/ Navigation and Basic Survival $200

14-15 JULY: RTO Course $200

4-5 AUGUST: Tactical Combat Casualty Care $300

Feel free to contact me at for any questions or concerns. There may be dates added periodically. As always, private training and regional travel is available on request for groups.

Reviews from previous classes:

Student Testimonials from the Last Class

A Recent Course Review




10 thoughts on “Open Enrollment Dates Summer 2018

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  2. dangero

    I just got the go ahead from Household 6 to attend the July RTO class, how do I enroll/where do I send payment?

    1. That’s an Ontario Ranger RD-7. HIGHLY suggest it as a blade.

      7.5 inches of 1/4in 5160. Extremely easy to sharpen in the field, holds a good edge, does every task I ask it to without fail.

  3. Doc

    I seem to recall that you preferred the FT-817. How would it compare with the KX3 with the 2m module? I realize the absence of the 70cm band, but an internal ATU seems to offset that IMHO.



    1. I like the 817, but I think there’s a number of products that far outclass it on the market in just the past few years.

      I don’t own a KX3, so I can’t say.

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