Open Enrollment RTO Course Information and General Updates

We’re adding one more date for the RTO Course

  • 11-12 August: $200 per person

Two more summer dates are still open for individuals looking for training:

  • 9-10 June
  • 14-15 July

These are the only open enrollment dates scheduled for this class until at least October, possibly later. What is the RTO Course, exactly?

The Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) Course is designed to take the individual of any and every experience level and teach them the basics of effective small unit communications in a field environment. Students will learn what it takes to set up a plan and implement communications in an improvised setting be it anything from a retreat to a security patrol to regional communications networking groups. A heavy emphasis of the course is on improvisation and antenna building- each student will construct antennas from improvised materials which they keep. This is NOT a “ham radio” class. No equipment or previous experience is required; only a notebook and a good pair of shoes. It is the only course of its kind offered anywhere, in a friendly, laid back and respectful environment.

There is also an upcoming First Line / Basic Survival Course:

  • 30 June-1 July: $200

This class will cover the basics of land navigation, both day and night, while placing a heavy emphasis on basic survival items worn on the body. Included in the course is basics of fire making, shelter construction and safe water collection. Students will also learn the basics of survival knives and knife maintenance in the field, building caches, and how to conduct safe personnel recovery. Each student will receive a first line kit which they will use for the duration of the class; upon completion its theirs to keep. You will be in the woods the entire time. This class will both challenge you and the misconceptions of “bugout gear.”

This is it for open enrollments as we roll into the fall, aside from the TC3 class in early August. Also, there will be two RTO classes in the northwest in September- dates to be announced soon. If you are on the fence about coming out, keep in mind current events are moving fast and unpredictable as we approach a hotly contested election and repeated attempts to throw the nation into chaos by an unhinged Left. Everything takes a backseat to hard skills. They’re not just after our guns, they’re after our way of life- what are you doing to be more ready today than you were yesterday?

Email me direct at [email protected] for more details on the open enrollment classes and if your group seeks private instruction, I’m both willing to travel reasonable distances and can host you here in NC. We’re booking Fall dates now.


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