First Line Course: Improvised Shelters And Primitive Weapons

Here’s a few snapshots from last weekend’s First Line Course. In the first day’s afternoon, students were instructed on the basics of temporary survival shelters, protecting against thermal loss and constructed their own to live in for the duration of the course: IMG_1619 - Copy

IMG_1618 - Copy

IMG_1620 - Copy

IMG_1621 - Copy

A short primer on off grid cooking and a stew for the class:

IMG_1623 - Copy

Primitive Skills, Tools and Weapons Demonstration including flintknapping a knife with the class:

IMG_1624 - Copy

IMG_1625 - Copy

All tools were sourced from local natural materials and handmade by one of my Assistant Instructors. There will be a primitive skills workshop and another open enrollment date for the First Line Course the in April 2019.

The level of awareness and confidence gained by learning simple navigation techniques and sourcing your own materials to survive in the wild is irreplaceable- skills above all else. We built that and quite a bit more over the course of a weekend. Coming to class, students know they can survive because they’ve done it. From making patrol maps and fundamental land navigation to the basics of knife sharpening, fire making and moving at night, the First Line Course is designed to foster those skills needed to sustain someone in the wild long enough to get back to civilization, whether as an individual or a small group.

We’ve got a lot of other courses coming up too- don’t miss an opportunity. The world is getting more and more uncertain each day, which is why we’re working overtime to provide the best possible to as many as possible. Only through effective training do we gain anything; arm yourself with knowledge.


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