AmRRON Dark Labs: A New Site

One Time Pads rapidly prepared in the safe house, ready for distribution to the teams.

AmRRON Dark Labs, the creator of the excellent ADL-1 One Time Pad Generator, has a new home and a storefront. Check out their new home, Partisan Labs, and while you’re at it, pick up one of the OTP printers.

As the students in the last Advanced RTO Class learned, One Time Pad generation is a time consuming effort, with a lot of pads needing to be generated in a short amount of time during the mission planning cycle. To conserve manpower, the printer is the best option out there. Robust and simple, the design does exactly what it says it does, making it an indispensable tool for the safe house or control element in a partisan underground. Coupled with a brevity matrix, proper tradecraft and above all, solid training, you and your group will have unbreakable means for transferring cables to and from the control.

IMG_1719 - Copy
From the last Advanced RTO Course: a transmitter site is prepared, azimuth 150, SALUTE report compiled and encoded. With One Time Pads rapidly prepared during the mission planning, along with good technique like transmitting on one frequency and receiving on another, a covert unit can do quite a bit with even the most basic analog radios.


4 thoughts on “AmRRON Dark Labs: A New Site

  1. Cavguy

    Cool looking device!

    One still needs to hide from eyes in the sky. That’s an all together different set of circumstances and challenges. It’s not a 1970s OE.


  2. Tac

    And to have worked with the OTP-1 Generator was absolutely fantastic. One of these machines is enroute to becomimg home in our toolbag of tricks, amongst other things we got to see and use and now either make our purchase, fantastic class!

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