End of the Year Analysis, Training Goals,and Turning Up The Heat

As longtime readers as probably noticed, the pace of this blog has simmered down a bit over the past year. There’s a couple of reasons for that- I’m training good people nearly full time and I’m dedicating the bulk of my writing effort to American Partisan. And while I’m never one for bragging on anything, the site is the fastest growing website in the survival and preparedness genre. I didn’t do that, y’all did. And I didn’t make my courses the overwhelming success they’ve been thus far- y’all did. That silent majority- those of you out there who never run your mouth online while coming out to train in the real world- you’re the ones who’re doing it, and you’re the ones that truly matter.

Those dedicated many who’ve braved both bitter cold and a Carolina summer’s heat, slogging in miserable mud or sleeping in improvised pine bough shelters listening to the night song of the coyote, it has been the most dedicated among you who’ve taken that leap into training. And the journey has been thus far amazing. But I’m not one for resting on laurels. The training schedule for the spring is set in stone. Most of the events are nearly full- if you’re on the fence, do not delay in reserving a spot. Everything from firearms and small unit training to wilderness survival and primitive living to the peerless commo courses, this spring is full of opportunities to expand your base of knowledge for yourself and your group. June 15-16th I’ll be returning to the American Redoubt for the RTO Course and possibly a couple more classes, the details of which are being finalized now.

I’m hitting 2019 like a JDAM. Between the open enrollment courses and continuing to write in my free time, there’s going to be a series of webinars focused on communications skills. It’s not what you’ll get in the RTO Course, but it will provide a supplement to those skills as well as an option for those that can’t travel. Through American Partisan we may be starting up a monthly/bi-monthly sitrep & topic podcast. And last but not least, my Field Communications Handbook, spiral bound and somewhat pocket sized, will be published (and not cost the same as a college textbook!) along with a few other (hopeful) surprises. But most important, I work for you- you out there, reading this, who are awake. My goal for 2019 is the same as it was in 2015 when I started this blog, as it was in 2013 writing for various other blogs, as it was the day I enlisted to serve this nation- give my absolute best to an American people who deserve it. I will be working as hard for you as I can, bringing my very best, as I think we’re in a time of great peril. It’s time to step it up. There is no time like the present.

8 thoughts on “End of the Year Analysis, Training Goals,and Turning Up The Heat

  1. Dave

    Looking forward to taking a class or three from you – best wishes for a successful 2019! (Hope there’s still time)

  2. NCScout, I’m excited about the possible courses beyond the RTO in the Redoubt, also the podcasts and book! I will say I’m excited about the webinars too, but I would go a step further and say I would be willing to pay for subscription services with American Partisan if it offered more in depth courses, kind of like the meme says, “Just shut up and take my money!” But really, I don’t usually subscribe to services in regards to prepping/survival/or self sufficient (I’ve prefer that last term as I figured things out over the years), usually because it’s a ripoff. But I believe anything you produce would be well worth it, especially for regular content, maybe even projects to build and that sort of thing. I know there are books out there, but I’ve always liked your style of writing and teaching and believe you are a good guy who deserves respect and some kick back. Not to mention help you support your family. Seriously, you make a good following by the amount of time and effort you invest in us, and how you tirelessly answer annoying questions from people like me. 😀 Thanks brother, I know we all appreciate it! God bless.

  3. Mas Casa

    I’ve been reading this blog since summer 2016. Your content here and at American Partisan, along with your cohorts’, is top notch. I look forward to the day I can attend any of your courses.

  4. Josh

    I’m definitely interested in classes in the Redoubt. Do you have any more details or how I can register? Thank you.


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