First Line Course: Primitive Tools and Weapons

IMG_1953 - Copy
Broadheads knapped from obsidian.

On the second day of class we cover improvised weapons and tools, including hands on with flint knapping, primitive archery from bows we make from locally grown Osage and deer sinew, Atlatls, fishing kit made from sinew and bone,  while getting hands on with it in ways you might not otherwise.

IMG_1956 - Copy
Broadheads and a Knife blade from flint found in the creek near the training site.
IMG_1954 - Copy
Broadhead knapped from locally found quartz.

IMG_1955 - Copy

IMG_1957 - Copy


IMG_1961 - Copy

IMG_1960 - Copy

One Mind, Any Weapon. Be The Hunter, Not The Prey.

The next First Line Course is 27-28 April 2019. I’ll see you out there.

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