Getting Started In Morse Code

One of the groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a few classes sent along their Morse Code training program. I think its a great resource and a heck of an enabler to have on your team. Getting started can be a pain, but these classes are well done and easy to follow.

Morse Code Class (links to youtube)

Here’s the companion handout and training guide: Learning Morse Code

And if you’re looking for training, make sure to check out the training calendar.

12 thoughts on “Getting Started In Morse Code

  1. Badger

    Nice to see this.

    “Ahhhh! The bands are in the toilet!” Well, yeah; it’s called a solar cycle & lousy conditions can last for several years. If you’re truly a radio operator you need to know this. It works on more bands, with less power, and in more horrid conditions, than anything. (Yes, I know other digital modes are wonderful in terms of throughput, typing is simple, etc. They are also a great excuse for not getting your brain off the couch ’cause this isn’t that hard.) When the message simply has to get through.

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