Scenes from the Advanced RTO Course

Communications Site Planning for Directional Transmitting.
Students building an Advanced SOI.
Encoding a message with the practice Brevity Matrix. This allows our reports to be rapidly sent or compressed further via OTP. Once done, a message can be sent quickly either by voice, Morse, or a digital data burst.
Vertical Half-Rhombic wire antenna. This antenna is a version of the longwire antenna, 5-7 wavelengths long on the top wire and uses a terminating 400-600 Ohm Resistor for directional transmitting. Students built and used it in class.
Vertical Half Rhombic, side view.
Terminating resistor is added by running both ends of wire through insulator and crimping ring terminals, making attaching the resistor simple and robust.
Longwire antenna with resistor.
Longwire resistor.


Preparing the Yagi during the practical exercise on Day 2.
The receiving Yagi at the TOC is pointed along the transmitting azimuth.

The Advanced RTO Course takes what students learn in the Basic Course and builds on it, adding in practical application of Directional Antenna construction, robust encoding practices and methods for sending data bursts via common equipment used in outside the box ways. You get hands on actually doing the things others only talk about. Everything gets built, demonstrated, and used in real working environment.

Because warfare ain’t a hobby.


14 thoughts on “Scenes from the Advanced RTO Course

  1. John McEwing

    NC Scout’s Advance RTO class is well worth your time. Trust me!

    Vertical Half-Rhombic wire antenna huh? Mmmmm, I am going to research that bad boy today. Maybe something to add to my GHB (Get Home Bag) or to my antenna farm.

    Thanks NC Scout!

    1. You’ll get a chance to see it next weekend. I left the antennas up in the Patrol Base for anyone wanting to see them during the TC3 Class.

  2. Cavguy


    What yagi are you using for the toc? Is it store bought or a home brew?

    I’m out in Utah now and the locals have a massive 2 meter repeater foot print. Most of Utah and parts of Colorado and Arizona are covered. Made one meeting had a 147 mile one way drive to the location. Yeah its big out here!


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  4. You going to try to put on an advanced class in Mt again anytime soon?
    I was at the RTO class ip there last year.

    1. We’re going to make it happen, possibly in the Fall. The venue will have to be different due to what we’re doing in the class. Shoot me an email and we can put something together.

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  6. mistermisfit01

    looking at the Masthead picture for this post looks like one of the military and I forget what the series designation is for the telephone looking handheld mic those are supposed to be capacitive and not really work with HF radios how do these work with the HT?

    1. Its a PRC-64. The H-250 I use is one made for Kenwood plug HTs. It compares favorably with the mil-spec one I have in an old commo box.

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