A Modern Look At Guerrilla Radio Equipment

Watching a recent media piece on the FARC, I noticed a few shots of their radio equipment they were using to communicate between camps.


Look familiar? Its a Yaesu 817 being run from a Sealed Lead Acid battery. Here’s a better shot:


Interesting layout by one of their RTOs:


The old 817 appears to be very popular among the communist guerrilla group, and if I had to guess (based on their geography) they’re using VHF single sideband and HF NVIS to relay camp-to-camp through the mountains where they operate.

I imagine they’ve learned a lot in the communications department over a half century of civil war, and it looks like they’re keeping it simple, analog and robust.

Got training?

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  2. Etech

    The most important part is –

    Got Training?

    Lack of training for many gives me serious questions on what else is lacking…

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