Updated Fall Training Schedule

The schedule for Fall 2019 is updated, along with a few dates for Spring 2020.

  • The Scout Course will now be three days with the first day focused on marksmanship and the second and third days on tactical fieldcraft to get the absolute most out of the training over a weekend. The students will be learning everything from the principles of small unit movement, basic camoflaging, and ghille suit construction while running active stalking lanes. The course cost remains $300.
  • The Carbine Course in November will cover both the AR and the Kalashnikov. You won’t need an AK for the class, but we will be doing a familiarization on it that covers the basic manual of arms.
  • We’re running a second Privacy, Security & Anonymity course this Fall due to the demand, with another in March of 2020.

Make sure you check the course packing lists for the required equipment and if you’ve got any questions feel free to email me: [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Updated Fall Training Schedule

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  2. Scurvy

    Slightly off topic:
    Hay Brushbeater,
    Have you ever done a write up on safe encryption software for memory sticks? My wife informed me the one we were using was bought by the Chinese.
    If you haven’t already done an article could you do a short one or just list a good piece of software here.
    R/ Scurvy

      1. Marshall Ness

        Will do Sir.

        Off to Wyoming for a weeks recon and familiarization for the wife. I would like to retire there and will need to sell my wife on the beauty of the place and friendly people.

  3. Lamar Doolittle

    Hi Brushbeater, hope you and all the family are doing well. How early are you getting started on Oct 4. Thanks.

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