Hurricane Dorian Info and Schedule Updates

I’ve had a lot of people ask about Dorian and how it might impact the tracking class this coming weekend. At this time, Dorian is on track to skirt the coast of NC with the central part of the state getting just over .14in of rain between Thursday and Friday. So the class is still on track- we had more rain than that last weekend when I was building the two week aging station. 

As folks who’ve trained with me know, we keep moving despite weather conditions. But with that said, if it changes course to the west and makes landfall, we could expect significantly more rain and that would make many of the fundamentals of tracking a challenge. If the track changes as we approach the end of the week, myself and the primary instructor for the course will make a judgement call and I will post the necessary information.

There’s also some updates to the fall schedule. The September RTO Course and Scout Courses are full, with the last RTO Course date for the year on 26-27 October. As several have asked in emails, the Signals Intelligence Course has been moved to 7-8 December to accommodate private training. Advanced RTO will be held on 16-17 November, so if you’ve been wanting the next level of improvised communications with an emphasis on cryptography, this is the course for you.

The Spring 2020 schedule is getting put together now, so if you’re considering private training for your group or are looking to book dates outside of NC, get in contact with me ASAP and we’ll get it squared away.