NJ CQB Course 9-10 NOV

I’ve got a course in NJ scheduled for CQB and Urban Force on Force. The course is being held at the same site we did last spring’s Scout Course, and its one of the better places to conduct a CQB course having several shoothouses arranged in a village.

We’ll be covering:

  • Basic Urban Considerations for Irregular Forces
  • Team Movements
  • Urban Surveillance and Combat
  • Setting up Casualty Collection Points
  • TC3

Cost for the course is $310 which covers equipment and range fees. Contact NJDFT for more details and booking a spot in the course.

3 thoughts on “NJ CQB Course 9-10 NOV

  1. Glenn Zemanek

    Matt Missed you at Preppercamp. Lots of soldiers and SF vets there. Great time. V/r Glenn

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    1. I know!! I was getting the training site ready for class this weekend. But I WILL be there next year as well as at Heritage Life Skills in Waynesville in the Spring.

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