Scenes From The Recent RTO Course

Basic functions of the TOC are covered as it goes operational during the practical portions of the course.
Students preparing to get their communications with the TOC up and running.
Every student builds a Jungle Antenna in class as part of learning antenna theory. And students gain confidence in what they build through having to rely on it in the course.
Comms Up!
Student prepares to observe the area for possible OPFOR.
Are they OPFOR or are they friendly? No way to know but though observation and relaying what we observe to the TOC.
Student prepares to send SALUTE report.
Writing a script before getting on the mic makes sure our transmissions are clear and concise.
Students get familiarized with the long wire resistor directional antenna. This has been up since the last Advanced Class built it in May.
Directional long wire with resistor works well, with the TOC reporting a booming signal.

Want the best in improvised and survivalist communications taught anywhere, bar none? Come out to class- one more RTO Course left for the year with a lot more training opportunities on the schedule.

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