NJ Urban Combat Course

A few additional notes on the NJ Urban Combat Course-

  • This is not a course on simply clearing rooms and moving from house to house. We will approach the topic from the perspective of the partisan with little to no outside support, whose operating environment is urban terrain.
  • Additional Details:
    • Weapons will be provided as part of the course. There will be airsoft force on force exercises in this class on Saturday and Sunday. If you have your own airsoft gear, bring it.
    • The training site, Cobra Tactical, has a large and excellent shoothouse village to operate in.
    • The class will be held in northwest NJ in November. Dress appropriately. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but part of the course deals with operating in non-permissive environments.
    • The plan, as of now, is to remain overnight on the range. This is optional, but I’ll be on site as well as the host for the course.

We’re about a month out from the course, and if you’re into preparedness in the northeast this is a class you’re not going to want to miss. For more details and to reserve a spot in the course, check out NJDFT.

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