Two Course Reviews: RTO and Urban Combat

Last RTO Course:

“I just completed the RTO class.  Friends in my *group* had recommended I attend for about 2 years, and I finally did.  I am the RTO for my group.  There are no words to describe how good this class is.  This is world-class instruction with comradery at night.  YOU NEED THIS CLASS. DON’T PUT IT OFF ANY LONGER. JUST DO IT!  Trust me, the value of the class is worth WAY more than the cost.  Take these classes while you can.  The clock is ticking….”   Submitted by DM

Last weekend’s Urban Warfare Course in NJ:

November 9-10, 2019


As I reflect on this past training weekend with NC Scout, “Surviving Urban/Neighborhood Conflict”, I am very humbled that as a fellow trainer and past student of several CQB type courses, I still learned many new important items, and reinforced the basics of what I was previously taught. As with any training, those skill sets are perishable if you don’t practice them.


NC Scout has a very real and personable way of instruction. His real world experience coupled with his vast training accolades makes for an outstanding combination! I cannot say enough about his teaching methods and approach.


Here are a few takeaways from the class.

  • Develop skills on how to operate in non-permissive environments.
  • Always have a cover story wherever you go. Keep it short and simple.
  • The importance of blending into your environment at your home AO, work, travel, etc.….
  • Practice & develop CQB techniques and skills, and hope you never need it, as it is high risk
  • Develop your skill to move, communicate and shoot if necessary with whomever you are with.

This was my 3rd class with NC Scout. I highly recommend taking any of his classes, as you will receive a very high value for your tight training dollars.

Go get training…


JAFO out.

What’s 2020 looking like for you? The best investment in your future in an uncertain world is expanding your base of knowledge.

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