Advanced RTO Course Review

Just one day after the course, I’ve already got the honor of a course review coming in by way of a student we’ll call the Mastiff:

The RTO classes (Basic and Advanced) are a MUST HAVE tool in the partisan toolbox. The classes are fantastic and the material is very well presented. The classes follow a logical progression from class room theory and demonstration to real time field exercises that solidify the skill-set. We learned how to build very effective antennas with easily sourced materials and actually set them up and used them in the field. We learned ways to communicate that are both secure and reliable – from low power, squad level comms, to regional and beyond. Most importantly, we were each able to demonstrate what we were taught. Being able to go to a class taught by someone as qualified and articulate as NC Scout, is a blessing. These classes are the real deal. It should also be noted that the fellowship and the food are second to none.

All of the courses I offer are centered around planting those seeds of knowledge- taking what they learned and being able to replicate those skills among their teams and areas of influence- while creating that capability out of commonly sourced and improvised equipment already present in their operating environments.

Mastiff, thanks again brother and I’ll see you in a few weeks for the SIGINT course.

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  1. Capt. D

    I can second those comments because I was there in the class too. Hey, if you are doing ANY comms in your group then you are the RTO! Stop waiting for someone else to magically appear. If you don’t step up and get something done then WHO WILL?? These skills will be priceless soon. Come and join us. The Network is building…

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