Course Policy Change

Everyone who’s met me in class and worked with me knows I’m a pretty laid back guy and I don’t get charged up over much. I run my business very much the same way- first and foremost, I’m here to provide the best quality training possible and a business second. My goal is for you to come away with my absolute best possible, 100% and then some. It is my aim to build up this community and make it the best I can and charge enough to make it worth my time and yours.

That said, there’s a huge expense in time traveling and putting on a course on the road. Not just monetary but time away from family, away from other productive things I could be doing, and pretty much anything else in general. There’s major personal risk involved and travel is not exactly something I’m fond of doing.

In the past if you reserved a spot in a course, I required a small fee to reserve your spot with the remainder due at the beginning of class. Apparently some have a hard time with this or take advantage of my generosity. IF YOU TOOK A SPOT AWAY FROM ANOTHER AND THEN BACK OUT AT THE LAST MINUTE, DON’T SEND ME AN EMAIL ASKING FOR YOUR DEPOSIT BACK.

Further, the full course fee is now due up front for all courses, zero exceptions. If you booked me to travel, whoever is hosting the course is on the hook for the full course fee. I don’t really do this for the money but I damn sure don’t do it to go broke, either. If I’m taking the time, expense and personal risk to bring a class to you, don’t expect me to be a happy camper when you back out at the last second. Life happens, but life doesn’t magically happen a day after I post a course reminder up.

Also, don’t send me an email complaining about money as a few have done in the past. I run a business, not a charity; I’m not a counselor and I don’t give a damn about your personal problems. Training costs money. If you’re the type that thinks everything should be free, go review the Communist Manifesto because that’s the gist of it.

Again, for the rest, its an honor to train with you and as always I greatly anticipate doing so and I’m sorry that you had to read this. I really don’t like having to write these kinds of things.

See you out west in a couple weeks. -NCS

13 thoughts on “Course Policy Change

  1. wyogrunt

    Being an itinerant trainer is one of the most frustrating things I can think of. I know where you coming from my friend, have traveled to locations to conduct training to find almost total lack of facilities, personnel, admin, range supplies you name it. And that’s all of us working for the same govt agency. Showed up for a course with low light to be told “oh yeah, we cant shoot after dark” WTF? Developing work arounds and mods on the fly builds character right?!

  2. Laird Taylor

    I’m in harmony with your change. As you say, you’re not in this to drive yourself into the ground.

    I passed recently on the chance to drive 7.5 hours 1-way to west TN to attend your course on SigInt. I would have had to start at 1AM – and only had 1/3 gas-tank full. I’d have run out in the wee hours – bad form. I would still like to take that class, but I can be patient.

  3. Cavguy

    Brother!! I here you!!
    I’ve never trained with you but love how you State the obvious for the hard luck, oh it’s gunna rain, my peepee hurts crowd. If it ain’t raining we ain’t trainin!!!

    See you round sometime.


  4. keith burgess

    I do appreciate that you take the time to train us. Your COM course was a great learning experience and look forward to taking more of your teaching in the future. Be well Keith Burgess

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  5. FlyBy

    Hi Brother.
    Know that you and what you do are very much appreciated. Have a great time out West and safe travels.

  6. Nathan

    Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for your service to the community. Please keep it up! Saw that your WY course filled up before I could get my name on the list. If anything changes at the last minute, please let me know. Would love to come!

  7. Joe Fahy

    A man signing up for your courses has given his WORD that he will attend on the designated day, HONORING your skills and instruction abilities. If he breaks his WORD, he has no HONOR. I apologize for his lack of MANLINESS. He is an embarrassment and should feel great shame.

  8. idahobob

    Ya know, asking for the full course fee up front is not out of hand. Just about ALL trainers require it. I for one, do not have a problem with it Hope to see you in Wyoming in September.

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