WY Courses Admin Notes

The training site owner in WY asked me pass along the following:

Lodging/Admin fees:
$5 a night for camping
$10 night for barracks style tent camping
$20 a night for 2 man dry cabin
$30 a night for 1 man dry cabin (1 available) 

Price includes generator and one additional tank of gas.

I’m going to be slammed until I get out there, just coming off the Scout Course here and prepping for travel. Shoot me an email but don’t expect an immediate response.

See y’all out there.

2 thoughts on “WY Courses Admin Notes

  1. Interested in Combat Skills, Improvised and Off-Grid Communications with Ham Radio, Intelligence, Wilderness Skills and Advanced Marksmanship with carbine or gun.

  2. Quietus

    The site has a sleeping Quonset that doesn’t leak, a classroom with three walls and a roof, flowing water close by, and motivators all around.

    It’s cheaper than a KOA, and there’s no Fudds in sight.

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