Back East

Back at the G-Camp after a huge block of courses out west- thanks to everyone who made it happen, both the students and the guys behind the scenes maintaining a top-notch facility in the remote, wild and gorgeous Wyoming.

There’s a pile of emails I need to get to backdating to early in the month. This is a one man show on my end, and as all of you know who’ve trained with me 100% of my focus goes to the students during the course. If you’ve inquired about courses or consulting I’ll be with you shortly and I appreciate your patience.

I’ve also got some other projects on tap that I’m excited about. The first two field manuals are in hand: The SF Antenna Handbook and FM 7-93: Long Range Surveillance Operations (1995 edition, the best one). There’s going to be a bigger announcement about it as soon as I’m caught up on this end, but they’ve been printed, spiral bound and pocket sized, ready to throw in a ruck or cargo pocket and head out to the field. They’re the first of a few obscure / out of print field manuals that I’m getting back out into the bloodstream. And while I also have them for free on the Reference Library Downloads page, ink and paper is a little better in austere environments. They’ll be $20 each, shipped, which is just enough to cover the costs of making them. The goal is to get the knowledge out there, nothing more, nothing less.

We’re steamrolling along with American Partisan and I have something else I’m working on exclusively for course alumni as well. The times may look daunting but the best rise to the challenge. And from what I’ve seen from the great folks I’ve been blessed to have in class, we’ll come out of the other side of all this.

6 thoughts on “Back East

  1. c-griffin

    God speed in your travels …I will be taking you up on the hard copy surveillance manual. Looking forward to seeing again and learning. CharlesSent from my VAX system 11/780

  2. Badger

    Was commenting to good friend recently that you must be as busy as the original “army of one.”
    Am in for a bound copy of each of those pubs when you get to it and have a chance to exhale.
    Advise when and how you want the bak-sheesh, Sahib. No objection here to snail-mail MO.

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