Alumni Weekend

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about the Alumni Weekend on the Training Calendar. In short, its a laid back weekend of meeting other students you may not have had a course with, to re-connect with those you did, and to build on some follow on skills and share knowledge.

We’re going to be hitting the range for a bit, working with antennas, and having a swap meet for any gear you don’t use or to find some you might in the future. Its not going to have a rigid structure and is group-driven. You’re learning from one another- your community.

Yeah, its the weekend before Thanksgiving. No, I’m not moving it and I knew it was when I put it on the calendar. The world is in bad shape and its all in what you value. Instead of running around complaining about it, do something useful.

Its open to all course alumni and its here in NC. If you’re interested you know what to do and I look forward to seeing you.

6 thoughts on “Alumni Weekend

  1. Tom Raylock

    Does that count for people who trained with you when you were in NJ? Would like to attend if possible. I now live in North Carolina.


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  2. Alan Greenhalgh

    Whats the tempature at night and is it free? My daughter is in Tennessee at college this year so ill see if she’s coming home or whats going on. I’d love to come see you again. I finally got stuff put in my truck and would love to see someone check it out and possibly open up one of my radios.

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