Its A One-Man Show On My End

Folks, I’ve been inundated with emails and course requests. I’m answering between 50-75 emails a day, and that’s on top of coordinating people for courses. This is not a complaint, hell, if anything its validation. The free market spoke and in this case its loud and thunderous…cue the inner Sally Field.

But that said, please, seriously, be patient. I am a one man show on my end. My aim all along was to keep course fees as low as possible to provide training to literally everyone and anyone, keep the elitist attitude bullshit to a minimum, and provide the best training environment to create the finest community the Patriot Movement has ever had.

And I think so far you’ve done that. But that comes with a cost too- I’m all alone here. There’s no personal assistant or staff to cover the emails. Its 100% me, and I don’t exactly like being behind a computer all hours of the day.

So with that said, when you shoot me an email, right now especially, do not expect an overnight response. I seriously wish I could get to everyone in a day, but I can’t. I’m swamped. Not like we have a hotly contested election, unrest in the streets and a looming civil conflict I’ve been warning you about for the past five years. So if you’re emailing me for courses, be patient, I’ll get to you. If you’re emailing me questions, be even more patient but also understand that if you’re emailing me questions like “how do I program this piece of gear?” when I’ve got at least two or three posts in the past on it, and you’re being pushy about a delay in response, you’re not going to get a nice answer and I am well within my right to tell you to beat feet. I don’t like to be that guy but don’t find out, either. It is not my job to instruct you on how to use YOUR communications gear, I teach how to implement it in a tactical environment. Use the search function, put in the work, or don’t expect me to be nice about it. You have to do the work.

Folks, I have a family that I answer to. I teach courses damn near every weekend and travel out of state to many of them. I’ve slept on couches, the backseat my truck, and the ground more in the past 90 days than my last year in the Army. Whether its with American Partisan or here at Brushbeater, I’m working my ass off to shoulder more than my share of the task, whatever it may be, 100% and then some. And when I come back from a three day course, I need a couple of days to reset in order to keep giving you- and them- the best. If you’re confused, I have a public training schedule for you to check. If you want a quick response, don’t email me while I’m teaching a class. Those people paid for my time to make them more dangerous and that is my primary goal. It would be rude and hideously unprofessional to sit and answer emails while these guys I just spent all day working with in the field are looking for fellowship.

Its a one man show, and I’m doing my best to give you the most.

8 thoughts on “Its A One-Man Show On My End

  1. FlyBy

    Hi Scout
    You are doing great work!! Your courses, knowledge of the subject matter and your attitude and method of instruction are first rate and second to none. Keep plugging away and thank you for all that you do.

  2. Quietus

    Well put.

    Those “search” buttons can be some pesky devils for those who demand instant gratification.

    Life is a continual process of triaging those who you meet. But you likely already know that, huh.

  3. CB

    We see that you are heart driven by the task in front of you.
    You have fought the good fight here and abroad.
    Uncounted numbers have been awakened by your sounding the alarm.
    Your extended family has been greatly increased because of your efforts.
    It is not possible to do it all by yourself.

  4. everlastingphelps

    There’s a meta-lesson here, folks. Think of it like a cooking blog. If you have questions like, “would it be better if I pan fried this trout or should I poach it instead?” then this is the place for that.

    If your question is “how do I pan fry fish?” search for it on youtube.

    This isn’t the place to ask how questions. This is the place to ask why and when questions. There are plenty of how questions answered here in the search bar, but if you don’t find your how there, look on youtube.

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