Training Notes: Fight To Your Feet!

So there you are…caught at the street protest with your boys and the Commies are a little too close for comfort. Unbeknownst to you, you’re all alone in a high threat environment and out of the blue you find yourself knocked on your ass with a handful of thugs looking to make the next Jackson Pollack masterpiece.

You’ve got to fight your way through it. Kill or Get Killed. 

So we’ve all seen the video and the pics from Kenosha. That’s going to become the unfortunate reality for more and more as this thing drags on, highlighting the real need to understand fighting in three dimensions. In class I often have martial artists of different backgrounds, and I continuously reinforce the notion that fighting with a weapon is an extension of those martial arts. Just because you’re down doesn’t mean your out.

Starting on your back, your weapon is retained across the chest, firing and support hands in place. One round into the target.

Work your way up to a kneeling position, quickly getting your knees and then feet underneath your body and placing two more rounds into the target.

Work your way to your feet and move laterally, placing another controlled pair into the target.

Just because you’re down never means you’re out- always fight to your feet, no matter what. Always keep moving, do not remain static, and whenever possible, you should be incorporating dynamic movement into your weapons training. People don’t stand still and let you shoot them, and neither should you.

Kill or Get Killed.

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  1. Boat Guy

    Might also want to train to shoot more from supine, in which case getting your feet out of the way is a good idea. Clint Smith teaches this in his courses.

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