Lightning Deal: Baofeng DM-1701 DMR

Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals are pretty decent from what little bit I’ve seen, but the Baofeng DM-1701 is currently on a lightning deal for 24% off- get it while they’re there.

This is one of the best options I’ve found for small team communications and one of the radios I suggest having in the RTO Course. Featuring a dual band operation (VHF & UHF) and Analog operation along with all the advantages of DMR, this is an awesome deal on a good radio. Check out my last on how to program it in the field.

Get squared away while you can.

10 thoughts on “Lightning Deal: Baofeng DM-1701 DMR

  1. Boat Guy

    Thanks! Too bad they’ll only let you have one. Guess I’ll have to pay retail for another one.

  2. Ok – I scored one. I meant to buy a pair (a language dies with the 2nd-to-last speaker) but Amazon said, “uh uh – you already did, and 1 is the house limit”. Mine will arrive (Amazon estimates) on 10 Dec. I had the presence of mind to buy an after-market antenna, with substantially better performance than the OEM rubber ducky.

    And now I wait – and (as you say) read your previous memo, on how to set it up in the field). I already have 8 UV-5R rigs and extra battery packs and after-market antennas. I can outfit a small posse – or 8 patrols. I’ll need some field instruction; it will be the spring before I can afford to pay for a class (I have other fish to fry…). When I started the purchase, Amazon said that the deal was 24% consumed; when they finally kicked me to the curb, it sat at 50%. I suspect somebody will get each one. — Laird Taylor N7RSR Warrenton VA


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