Gatestone Institute: Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

Gatestone: Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

It is an open secret (but flies right over the heads of the American public…wonder why?) that the Chinese have not just a major presence in South America but the Caribbean nations as well. First promising economic development to install friendly leaders followed by a military presence and eventual colonization, it is a pattern of neo-Colonialism China knows well. After all, its worked in southern Africa. This begs the question then what interest China would have in building a military presence in the Caribbean and in South America?

That much is simple- they’re surrounding their competition in the world- US.

I’ve wrote about this extensively in the past including detailed overlays of the re-opened Lourdes Signals Intelligence Station just west of Havana Cuba that has experienced a massive buildup of infrastructure including motorpools, large numbers of barracks buildings and the longest runway in Cuba (running north-south).

It should be obvious at this point that the Chinese have a dedication to not just removing the US from the world stage but maintaining their puppet politicians by an means possible. A lot of people need to realize they’re not ‘prepping’ for a doom and gloom, they should be preparing for a Resistance and Counter-Revolution.

12 thoughts on “Gatestone Institute: Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

  1. Julio Sandbagger

    What’s the difference between a military base, and a cargo terminal? The way the conex containers are aligned. What’s the difference between a Chinese military expeditionary airfield, and a Chinese seaport cargo terminal? The way the conex containers are aligned. What’s the difference between a Chinese missile base, and a Chinese seaport cargo terminal? The way the conex containers are aligned. What’s the difference between a U.S. port facility, and a Chicom port facility? The Chinese pour money into the facility, while the U.S. politicians do their best to exhort money out of the ports. If you google “corruption”, the first definition on every list is- communist democrat U.S. politician. Second definition is useful idiot, weak kneed republican. Catch all definition is “any elected state, and local, official”.

    1. wwes

      I have never been on a military airfield, or to a cargo terminal, what is the difference in the way that the conex containers are aligned, if you don’t mind explaining it?

  2. James Wyllie

    Your longitude – latitude coordinates , description of the location (west of Havana) Dec 2020, and Bejucal, Cuba (from 2018 post) all lead to different locations.

    1. They’re all pulled from the same google earth image, just zoomed in. Since the facility covers several square miles, you’re marginally correct.


  3. A Landsmeer

    Excellent! The Soviets went bust spending $6 billion a year to prop up Castro. Look at the huge benefits that have accrued to China in Africa all the bananas they can eat and hip hop music! Now if they can import industrious Africans. Every night I pray China sponsors Cuba as well as Venezuela. This may balance out the Marxists in the USA.

  4. Rucksack Rob

    Can anyone say Congressdupe Eric Swallwell of the Intelligence committee? or repeat after me… Diane Feinstein’s Chinese driver for 20 years (yes, that’s TWENTY YEARS! I wonder what he overheard during that time?) or how about the Pakistani I.T. programmer and his extended family members who worked for the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.
    I’m sure there are many, many more (on both sides of the aisle) but that’s what you get with open borders and liberal traitors running the show.
    The soap box and the ballot box seem to have failed… there’s only 1 box left.

      1. Rucksack Rob

        Maybe, but just being Chinese doesn’t make you a spy. She’s done nothing (or been caught) to prove she is (that I know of). And I’ll admit, I did not follow her very closely (read that as, not at all) while she was in the Trump Administration and to her credit, she is one of the few that lasted the entire 4 years without resigning or being fired, which could mean, (A) she’s a very good spy or (B) a very competent Sec of Transportation(?). Keep in mind that many people have fled China for the very reason we don’t trust them… they’re F’ing commie bastards!
        You may be right…and you may not, but since it’s your site, you get to make the final call.

      2. I detailed her intensely in my latest podcast. You don’t make money in Red China without being a party member, and Manchurian Mitch has made over 33 million just on what was publicly disclosed.

  5. Rucksack Rob

    Well, most of us expect that the tariffs on China will get dropped with the Bidet administration, due to Uncle Joe’s very close ties to China. What I find curious (not really) is former RINO Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder, while in (2 terms) of office made more than a dozen trips to China (on behalf of who? The big three auto makers? or were there ulterior reasons?), he then came out and backed the Harris / Biden ticket (yes, I intentionally listed it in that order, 25th Amendment and all…). Maybe he is hoping for an appointment in the (fingers crossed) new administration. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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