An Addendum to ‘One Hundred and Fifty Questions to a Guerrilla’

From a reader:

Just read your post on questions to ask a guerilla. One point not listed is that everyone is good at something. Identify what they are good at, and apply them. There are sleeper guys out there with skills a normal person would never think of. So ask the team applicants, what are you good at? In Afg, I was yackin one day with a Marine. He was assigned to the 155 battery at Kajaki dam. Turns out, the Marine had designed, and implemented the whole power grid for Southern California, in his real life. The Marines had him running a 155 unit??? In short order, a full understanding, and redesign of the Helmand Province power grid was at the Generals disposal. All from just yackin with the passenger in the seat next over. 
On your post about powering com systems/repeaters-
If you drive the border between Texas and Mexico, at routine intervals, you will see grey, Academy Outdoors, coolers up on antenna masts. They contain a deep cycle gel cell battery, a repeater, with a solar panel on the outside. They belong to the cartels. Cooler protects, insulates, and waterproofs the contents. You can actually see them on google earth. Up on the hills of southern Az. Along the border, the cartels have observation posts set up, watching for BP, and clearing the area for crossers, the bad guys bring their cooler repeaters up with them for the cartel crossers to communicate through. So don’t forget the solar panels. If you spot a cooler, on a police substation antenna mast, the substation should be suspect. First rule of being clandestine….is to be clandestine!