Radio Contra: Sons of Liberty Saint Patrick’s Day Live

Saint Paddy’s Day Live! Get ready lads because we’re gonna keep it lit tonight. We’ll be on the air discussing fine Irish whiskey and beer, takeaways from the Irish War of Independence, the Troubles and how they relate to today, and how Johnny Paratrooper is not a piece of barley corn.

Must have Books:

Tom Barry’s Guerrilla Days in Ireland

Michael Collins’ The Squad

MAJ Plaster’s The Ultimate Sniper

Fry The Brain

The Killing School

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2 thoughts on “Radio Contra: Sons of Liberty Saint Patrick’s Day Live

  1. Steve Lowe

    Scout –

    I think you struck a chord when you said every Prepper is looking for direction / guidance about what to do while staring at the hurricane/tornado ahead of us. How true!!

    Nomatter how squared away someone is, it’s not enough. Like your saying about magazines – can’t have enough.

    We absolutely need organization (without creating heirarchy), grass roots level. We are all afraid that we are not adequately squared away. Even a SF retiree may look at their civilian life and lack many basic preps. Or their people lack the skills that may be needed.

    How to best evaluate, assess and address deficiencies seems key. And, any shortcuts to help check off critical boxes and move on to lesser needs is paramount. Anything to hasten this process of truly being ready for CW 2.0 is needed.

    We find ourselves unprepared (though some might think otherwise) and without enough time ahead of a looming battle, which we fear may go kinetic sooner than anyone realizes. We understand we’re late to the party of this brand new 5th gen war, and it started before we woke up, years ago. This war began decades ago – we simply didn’t see it, hiding in plain sight.

    Soldiers with critical skill sets may feel less panicked. How do civilians get there fast? All reading, ideas, and training help. And prioritizing by those in the know is critical to not wasting precious time and resources. Any “best references”, learning methods, and key tools are helpful. I often buy books you recommend simply due to critical time limits. If you say it’s important, it is.

    Finally, mindset. I’m adapting to the idea my nation is already at war (5th gen), political options are gone, and I will fight from behind the lines with over 50% of my countrymen traitors, aligned with the radical socialists/communists. Thus,, we are like the French Resistance in 1942 – fighting to take back out country and what it was about. There is no guarantee we will win. We may well lose.

    We need every shortcut possible. We are out of time.


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