Radio Contra Episode 70: Interview with Badlands Fieldcraft

Episode 70: I’m joined by my friend and training partner Bandlands Rifleman from the great state of Montana to talk training methodology, basics of land navigation, and choosing blades for survival.

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One thought on “Radio Contra Episode 70: Interview with Badlands Fieldcraft

  1. Great interview…
    The interesting thing about experience downrange is that, for some MOSs, there’s not a direct level of relativity to what you guys teach. Even the basic SERE training afforded to backseaters wouldn’t hold a candle to the basic stuff offered… Aerial observation? Nah. Threat ID? Possibly.

    Hm. I just hit the “everyone can bring something to the table” bit and might rethink it and write about it.

    “Scared of failure” is a very interesting concept… Perhaps this is what holds so many back; yet failure is often the best foundation for an AAR.

    Still listening…

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