Signals Intelligence: Tools of the Trade

In this lesson I cover the tools of the SIGINT trade, from scanners to communications receivers to frequency counters & the RF Explorer, why they each have their place in the arsenal, and defining what their roles are. The go-to tool remains the Alinco DJ-X11T for a large number of reasons which we cover.

8 thoughts on “Signals Intelligence: Tools of the Trade

  1. azwolfyahoocom

    As usual a highly informative lesson. One item I don’t recommend is the Uniden SDS100. It has a pretty color display that you can define colors for different functions and frequencies and is a fairly decent receiver except in highly rich RF environment. Intermod sometimes makes it difficult to decode P25 traffic. It eats batteries and you’re sunk if you don’t have extra proprietary batteries. I prefer something at uses AA size. I recommend the Uniden BCD436 or the BCD396. Both can be found used at reasonable prices. I also recommend Uniden as a company because of their great service. I did a bonehead move once by plugging in my 12 DC Yaesu HT cigarette lighter adaptor into my BCD436 and let all the smoke out. Out of warranty for years but a call to Uniden and they said ship it to them. Less than a week later I had the scanner back and they had repaired it FREE of charge. I’ll be ordering a RF Explorer bundle soon. Thank you.

  2. Is it possible to listen if your a patron but don’t want to have to use another app? Ie., is there a patron-only RSS feed or something?

      1. Ahh, cool. Not as good as an RSS feed so I could just use the podcast player on my phone, but better than needing a new app. Looks like I can download eps from that page and then copy them to my phone for use during my commute. 🙂

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