141. DC’s Bioweapons Program in Ukraine Unveiled


Episode 141. The details surrounding the alleged bioweapons program in Ukraine are now becoming more clear with Nuland’s admission that the gain of function labs exist coupled with US efforts to conceal their presence and purpose.

DARTMOUTH: Genetically Engineered Bioweapons: A New Breed of Weapons for Modern Warfare

Genetically Targeted Bioweapons Feasibility of Genetically Targeted Bioweapons & Grand Strategy, 2016

2003: Genetic Engineering and Biological Weapons

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One thought on “141. DC’s Bioweapons Program in Ukraine Unveiled

  1. Francis Cintroney

    Since Russia has blown the cover on external, illegal, U.S. bio-weapons programs. And Biden/Democrat corruption. And the cia’s N.E.D. Fund the Khazarian mafia, ashkenazi scheme, forcing the communist democrats to run from the light. What’s to keep China, and other world governments from crashing any other communist democrat organized crime operations? Or rooting out other cia compromised integrity governments? Bidumpkoff is so busy covering for the big oil RICO/CCE companies trying to blame high gas price goughing on the war, is taking up most of his face time.

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