Sons Of Liberty 37: Battleship Edition

Welcome to the Green Dragon Tavern! We discuss the sinking of the Moskova off the coast of Ukraine, the potential reaction on the horizon from Russia. Then we break down the story of a medical student from the University of Chicago celebrating not just getting an abortion but stating that it was a ‘gift’. Last, we cover the inconsistencies and oddities of the NYC subway shooting.

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2 thoughts on “Sons Of Liberty 37: Battleship Edition

  1. Aaron Jennings

    Interesting info on the Moskova, seeing as it had a full defensive suite against missiles. Russian info that it was a fire in the magazine makes more sense. But in all cases, systems don’t seem to have activated. Fire, missile defense, etc. All goes back to crew training, and readiness. Same goes for combat effectiveness. Sad day for all the good guys. Good guys defined by individual mission parameters. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

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