I’ve got a lot of emails on the Florida Scout Course – the details have been ironed out with Chris Weatherman and the crew down there and we’re good to go on adding it to the calendar.

4-6 November are the final dates set in stone, rain, shine, hell of high water.

The October Scout Course here in NC is nearly full, so if you’ve been on the fence about getting to a course in the southeast, the Florida Scout Course is going to be your last chance.

Also, the dates for the Wyoming Scout Course are set in stone as well, and that’s the last date I’m headed west for a public class this year. There’s a chance – depending on the host – that an RTO Course will be offered in UT the following week. But nothing is finalized yet. That said, if you want the best course in small team tactics, bar none, come out.

Don’t put off getting yourself more prepared today for what might be an uncertain tomorrow. Get out and get that training.


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  2. staffaction

    I’d possibly drive/fly from PHX for RTO course in WY. Would that be first full week of Sept? And do you think you’d also do Adv RTO and sig intelligence?

    Can’t guarantee I’d make it but I’d put a high premium since it seems you’re not out this way often.

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