Sons Of Liberty Live 63: Jack Daniels, If You Please…

Welcome to the Green Dragon Tavern! I’m joined by Joe Dolio, Patriotman and Madman Actual to break down the ad campaign disasters of both Budweiser and Jack Daniels in bending the knee to the transgender propaganda. American Christians need to wake up to the reality that the Left is very much at war with them.

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2 thoughts on “Sons Of Liberty Live 63: Jack Daniels, If You Please…

  1. Clinton

    Hello Mr.Scout.I love what you are doing.I was turned on to you by Mike Adams.I love listening to you and your friends.I am not a military man so I don’t hold a candle to you men.I have been shooting Mule deer ,white tails,antelope,ducks and pheasants out here in the high plains for forty four years.When I was twelve or so my dads friends who were marine vets taught me to shoot pistols and that’s the extent of my training.I decided that at 54 years old I would not be much help in some areas but I have been soaking up all the info I can on coms.I am working on my ham license.I have tinkered with shortwave since I was a kid in the 70’s and believe soon this will be important.The info you make available is also very important and I am lapping it up.I have no group folks think I am crazy.They are conservative gun people but more interested in what is going on in the nfl,there golf game,or who is riding a Kardashian.I do not feel so alone when I listen to you guys.Anway I will guard my goats and garden with my beat up mini 14 that I bought new when I was in high school in 1985 and my Dads M1A.Let the chips fall where they may.Your point on Bud light is so true.In a couple weeks they will have forgotten all about it.Very soon I fear things will come undone and these people will know what time it is but for many it will be to late.Take care.Clinton

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