Survival, Evasion and Recovery Will Be Back in Stock Next Week!

Alright folks, the books are selling like crazy on this end and its a great thing to see. I’m going to have the next run of Survival, Evasion and Recovery in stock early next week, along with The Guerrilla Dispatch Vol 2. The sales took me by surprise and the turnaround took a little bit longer than I expected. Certainly no complaints on this end, just want to get the best out to everyone the fastest I can.

All of the other great gear – the patches, shirts, decals, everything – I’ve got a good stock on hand, but the IR reflective patches especially are selling fast. Don’t miss the window on those, its about a month turnaround to restock them once they’re sold out. I’ve got some new products in bound I think everyone is really going to like as well; a new shirt design and some other cool products I think you’re going to like. We’re still in the first 30 days of the store and already I’m looking at every way I can to give our Patriot community the most.

As always, orders over $100 ship free.

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