Brushbeater Store: Range-R Cards Now In Stock

Working on collaboration with my friend over at Black Hills Design, I’m proud to offer probably the most important Rifleman’s tool on the market today – the Range-R card, both in a full size and pocket sized format.

I always found the choke-type rangefinder in the Soviet PSO-1 and Romanian Tip-2 optics to be incredibly well suited to the rifleman, both incorporating the ability to quickly estimate the distance to a target but also train new shooters fast and effectively with limited time and ammunition. That second point to me, having trained a lot of shooters both in the Army and now in seven years doing this professionally, is most important. Its why I loved Dmitri’s work with Primary Arms’ ACSS as much as I have over the years. Its about putting effective tools in the hands of the Patriot.

We don’t have unlimited funds, unlimited ammo, and most importantly, unlimited time. For most of us, we’re lucky to even get a weekend of a training class under our belts once a month or even couple of months. Using this thing is fast and simple, with the full size version having a rangefinder for the height of a man, a door, a semi truck, a shipping container, a fence post and an average height SUV. The compact version (my favorite) has the height of a man, a fence post, and a bullet drop compensator for 5.56.

That’s the beauty of the Range-R card. Its simplicity matches its effectiveness and even better than that you can make it a part of your EDC and train with it regularly, attracting no negative attention. A heck of a tool to have.

Get yours at the Brushbeater Store:

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    1. No. The rangefinder is based on the average height of the objects to the left of the sliding choke. Only the BDC on the Range-R micro for 5.56 is specific to a caliber.

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