FAQs: Things You May Want To Bring To An RTO Course

I get this question a lot. The packing list leaves it pretty vague, “any communications equipment you have you’re welcome to bring, but there is no required gear other than a notebook and a pen”, and it leaves a lot of people with predictable questions.

First, this IS NOT A HAM RADIO COURSE. This is a course on austere communications in a semi or non-permissive environment using common off the shelf equipment. There is no prerequisite knowledge base, although reading my book is probably a good idea. We build capabilities from what people are likely to have and what they can easily find in any working environment. That replicates reality.

A few strong suggestions:

  • A 64GB thumb drive new in packaging. I’m not responsible if you lose ancient pictures of Aunt Myrtle’s 90th birthday party because your thumb drive is a POS. Not my problem. Spend a few bucks and get a new one.
  • A wifi only Android tablet still in the packaging. It must be Wifi only for what we’re doing. If you got it from the cell phone store, its not wifi only.
  • The Baofeng Radio, any version, is the point of entry. At least familiarize yourself with it. I wrote a book on the topic.
  • Any other equipment you bring is up to you to know the basic functions. My course teaches operating techniques, not how to operate specific pieces of equipment that I do not own or suggest owning. That’s on you.

Last, keep in mind the task and purpose of this course is creating capabilities where there otherwise would be none, literally from the ground up. You will be doing everything that we cover in class, all the way from creating communications plans to improvised antenna construction, HF communications, and learning how to build secure digital communications. The best part is all of it is structured to not just teach you individually but in a way to bring others into the fold.

Come ready to learn, to have fun, and hopefully make some new friends as well. In the thousands of people I’ve trained now, there’s a whole community that’s grown from the ground up. Come join us.

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  1. Wayne Fisher

    Is it possible there will be a basic RTO course only in NC on next year’s calendar?

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