Enrollment is now open at the Brushbeater Store!

Alright, got it all nailed down and the kinks (mostly) worked out. Enrollment is now open on the webstore and will be the primary means by which people can get into class. Its making it a lot easier on everyone’s end to get into the courses that are quickly filling up for the remainder of the year.

On another note, the second run of Range-R cards are 2/3 of the finished and will be inbound this week! The first batch sold out way, way faster than I imagined they would and I have no doubt this run will go every bit as quick. But on that note, I’ve got a second version of the Micro Range-R card coming with a 7.62×39 bullet drop compensator (BDC) scale coming by special request for the large number of AK shooters I have in the community. Its a hell of a tool to have, and I’m the only place you’ll be able to get it.

But speaking of new products, I’ve got a number of new things in route. You wanted communications solutions and I listened. Its the first of many different products I’m bringing to market and I think its something to get excited about. This community made it possible and my goal is to bring equipment solutions catering to our community at a price point that beats the big retailers that take our money and give it to the Left and Big Gov.

We have to take care of our own and supporting our own is how we do it. I’m really excited for the near future, and I think you’ll be too. I’ll see you in class. Stay tuned and stay frosty.

5 thoughts on “Enrollment is now open at the Brushbeater Store!


    Outstanding on all sir. You are laying the tracks for a possible future. Forever grateful for all you do. 👍👍

  2. Spiritual WAR

    That Resistor sticker/patch is the fire and one day it will be Kilroy is/was here level.
    Added it to desktop wallpaper rotation.
    When funds situation look up, I’ll buy a roll!

    1. That’ll be coming next. I *may*, depending on customer feedback, do a Range-R card with range finders on one side and BDCs on the other. What do you think?

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