The Range-R Cards Will Be Back In Stock This Week

Alright, the hottest item on the store will be back in stock this week. Just talked to the manufacturer and they’re finished with production and in route to me now. What’s that mean for you?

The last batch sold out inside of a week. I wasn’t expecting those kinda sales and while it was a major windfall, I’m expecting this sales volume to be even higher due to the feedback I’ve gotten and the buzz its generated. So, if you want it, the day it goes up do not delay on ordering because its going to be a couple weeks turnaround when these are sold out.

But with that said, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I have coming. Big things on the horizon.

3 thoughts on “The Range-R Cards Will Be Back In Stock This Week

  1. David Jones

    I received my range card a couple of weeks ago. Do I take the paper backing off or leave it on?

    1. Steve

      Received my Range-R cards. A great, simple, effective resource. Hope you will add other “Scout” tested gear like belt rigs, chest rigs, packs, and items where there are tons available, but most that are not optimal. I’d also suggest water treatment systems (like UV pens, MIOX generators, micron filters, and packable water storage systems). Your verified gear is worth a premium if fully tested by you & your squad. Avoids wasting good money on lesser products.

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