232. US Anti-Tank Rockets in the Hands of Gulf Cartel


Episode 232. I break down the video footage of the Gulf Cartel sicarios with American AT4s, the usual OSINT clowns struggling to run cover of the obvious failures of the DC regime, and the documented historical evidence of Ukrainian arms smuggling to these groups from at least 1997. Nothing has changed.

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4 thoughts on “232. US Anti-Tank Rockets in the Hands of Gulf Cartel

  1. Pat Clark

    The mexican cartels reached out to the taliban, almost before the last C-17 left Kabul. Facilitated by U.S. 3 letter agencies. The cartels have full up U.S. military com gear, nvg’s, scopes, rifles, armor, etc. As the foxtrot juliet bravo stickers say- I did this! Next to a picture of biden. No longer can the USG say word one about U.S.wraponry going to the bad guys!

  2. Lucius Clinton

    Since the cartels have already been supplied drones, by the israelis, capable of carrying AGM-114’s, it’s only a matter of time before abandoned Hellfires from Afghanistan start showing up on cartel drones.

  3. Bob Sharp

    Since the Quetta Shura Taliban have no compunction about running drugs, a drugs for weapons pipeline was bound to open up between mexico, and the middle east.

  4. Juanita Thornton

    I wonder how the cartels are going to ship the bradleys, and strikers, from Afghanistan to Mexico? In any future conflict, there is a better than even chance that the U.S. will face it’s own equipment in the hands of the OpFor. Chinese, anyone? What does one do when bradleys, and strikers wearing American colors, approach the Southern border…..from both sides?

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