Brushbeater Store: Many Products Are Back In Stock!

I wasn’t expecting the incredible response the store has received…seriously. The biggest challenge in doing this has simply been keeping stuff in stock long enough and consistently enough to even talk about it. Never thought any of this had that kinda reach…and I’m happy to be wrong, in this case. Our community was screaming for an alternative to Amazon for sourcing communications gear and, well, here we are. Your support for the books made it all possible.

Not only did I want to offer this community an alternative but do one better – offer the products at a lower price than what they’re listed on Amazon or eBay. I’m not in this to get rich, I’m in this to arm Patriots with equipment and knowledge. With that said, I got a bunch of new equipment back in stock that was previously sold out:

The BNC Gooseneck Antennas –

Why you want these: coupled with the SMA-BNC adpater, you’re increasing the gain and durability over the stock antenna of pretty much any handheld radio. Its flexibility makes it a natural fit on any tactical gear and I use it on the TinySA Ultra as well.

The TinySA Ultra

Speaking of, this is the little sigint tool that could which took me by surprise. A spectrum analyzer shows a wide display of the RF spectrum and includes a waterfall, meaning you’re seeing the signals as they’re being detected. Its lightyears faster than using a scanner or communications receiver alone and when coupled with those makes quick work of determining what’s what while conducting Signals Intelligence collection.

DM-F8 DMR Handheld

A lot of folks have been asking about Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), and while I do not think its the end-all be-all, I do think it can provide a number of advantages when implemented properly. These actually have a user interface designed by a native English speaker by their layout and all functions are controllable from the front panel. This previously wasn’t the case in other DMR radios, and for anyone that’s been to the RTO Course or has five functioning brain cells, you know why. If you’re looking to step up a bit in water resistance, the Btech 6X2 is also in stock.

We haven’t even got to some of the fun ITAR stuff that’s coming down the pipe just yet. Lots to be excited about. – NCS

10 thoughts on “Brushbeater Store: Many Products Are Back In Stock!


    Outstanding 2weeks in Wyoming Scout. Thank you for your tireless efforts and service to the community that you are bringing together for the greatest of good. Hammer down and keep publishing in print and in person. God speed.

  2. John McDonald

    NC Scout … the dust hasn’t settled yet you returning home from Wyoming training. You were placing Cobra Heads on the web store … Suggestion … in future any expensive $500 and up items, so you didn’t over purchase… ask who would make immediate purchase and who would in near future. Allows for inventory turns and investment dollars where you want to grow.

    1. Based on my sales numbers and the struggle just to keep things in stock, I’m doing fine. Don’t ever, EVER, give me business advice. I didn’t ask it and quite frankly, you’re not a person I’d solicit it from.


        Preach it Scout, sounds like someone’s “advice” would be better applied to their own AO……JS

  3. David Jones

    Great podcasts. Question about the field expedient repeater in your book. I am gathering materials and have one question. Does the connector have to be 1 inch? Seems a little large when 1/2 in is available. Just curious. If you put it in the book I’m sure there is a reason for it being 1 inch. Thanks! David Jones

      1. David Jones

        Just listened to the last podcast. I laughed my butt off when you told the story of being hung over swinging a mattock. I couldn’t tell you how many times I felt like that when I worked for a brick layer in high school and college. Unlike you, it took me several experiences to learn my lesson. LOL.

        On a serious note, “our troubles” will soon start as soon as the economy goes south. It’s going to be BAD! I live in East Texas, so all us Rednecks are armed to the teeth, but they need training. I should be opening up my firearms training and storefront and online store by Thanksgiving. Waiting for the current tenet to move out next month, then build my classroom, pellet pistol/rifle range and store then it’s off to the races.

        I plan to come up next spring to take your commo courses I’m about to start building your repeater setup you have in your book. I’m a dunce when it comes to commo, so I may have questions.

        Really enjoying the podcast. You guys have inspired me to get my ass in gear and start giving back to the “community” what God and Uncle Sugar has blessed with with. Looking forward to meeting you guys next spring.

        David Jones AKA Spear Point Actual (Assegai Survival Systems)

        P.S. Have you read the book, A Hand full of Hard Men? Great book. Its about the Rhodesian SAS. Just finished it. Those guys were freaking bad asses! I’m a history nerd too. Instead of children books, my dad read me the history of the 36th Infantry Division in WW2! (Dad was a soldier/forward observer (A Battery, 133rd FA) in the division from Nov, 1940-August 1945)

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