TASC Headsets In Stock –

The Tactical Assault Special Operations Communications Headset (TASC), or better known as the Bowman headset. One of my favorite pieces of kit from Iraq, hands down. And something we all wished we had when they got pulled from the inventories and replaced with Peltors (not that those are bad, but these were way better under helmets and didn’t mess with you awareness the way amplified hearing does), but the good news is there’s a version still being made that works with a U94 push to talk (PTT) and Kenwood two prong adapter.

For me its one of my favorite setups for an RTO to use during movement and it works extremely well. And this version is coming in at a price that won’t break the bank – $45.99 for the complete package, headset, PTT, everything. Y’all asked for it, you got it.

Get it, and all your other communications needs squared away, now at the Brushbeater Store.

6 thoughts on “TASC Headsets In Stock –

  1. Foxtrot65

    Is it an amped push to talk that’ll work with UV-5Rs? Or, is there another SKU with the amped ones?

      1. Foxtrot65

        Does it? Cool! Already placed an order, though I forgot to use the discount code for the 4th, dangit…

        Guess I’m used to using Comtacs…

  2. Davd Jones

    I’m with you Scout. I hate the noise cancelling headsets. I sell the TacSky version, but don’t like them myself. I much prefer the Bowman style and a Mitch or K-pot. Guess I’m old school. LOL.

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