Sons of Liberty Live 73: China’s Grey Zone War with the US

Welcome to the Green Dragon Tavern! I’m joined by Joe Dolio, Mechmedic, Patriotman, and John Ammons to talk China’s broadening Grey Zone war with the US abroad and here at home.

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2 thoughts on “Sons of Liberty Live 73: China’s Grey Zone War with the US

  1. David Jones

    Excellent podcast! However, unless I am mistaken and things have changed since I was in Africa, AFRICOM is stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. Feckless organization! On another topic, what are your thoughts on development of (in my enlisted days) a CEOI/SOI? You guys have really got me turned onto commo now. Definitely going to be purchasing many of your products and hopefully bring them with me in the spring. Sort of, “okay Scout, I got your shit, now teach me to use it!” Lol.

    Finally moved into my new office/classroom/storefront and as soon as I get settled in will begin building POIs. Got to admit, I’m having to dust off the cobwebs. I retired in 2014 and took a brain dump, but now going full bore into setting up my NRA firearms classes, and tactical classes. I’ll send pics when I’m finished.


    David Jones

    1. David, thanks for the kind words! I cover SOI / CEOIs in the Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng. I think you’ll enjoy it and find it pretty useful. God bless!

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