240. Right Wing Populism Rising, Academics and Vet-Bros Both Look Down Their Nose


Episode 240. I break down the out-of-nowhere hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond”, the extremely strong populism rising in America, and how both Leftists in Academia and the Vet-Bro crowd are quick to both dismiss the very real anger and what people are doing about it.

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One thought on “240. Right Wing Populism Rising, Academics and Vet-Bros Both Look Down Their Nose

  1. Excellent commentary.

    FYI, just moved into my new office where we are building a classroom and small storefront. Looking forward to start training folks in basic firearms and will move into the tactical side in the future. Just want to say “Thank you” again for motivating me to get off my ass and offer my skill sets to the civilian population that are wanting this training. I’m blessed that I have the ability and time to devote to this; profits are not important!

    Loved your comments on this podcast about the guy in Wyoming and your reply. Who the hell does he think “shot the bullet heard around the world”? Keep up God’s work and looking forward to the week long RTO class. My friends and I are learning from the “#1 best selling book, the one and only Guerilla’s Guide to the Baofeng Radio”. LOL.

    AKA Spearpoint Actual.

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