Another Day, Another Ripoff of My Book

Alright folks, we’ve got another ripoff:

A 10-in-1 Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng! What a steal! I’m not sure what the 10 for 1 actually is, after skimming through this piece of crap, but its another ChatGPT authored book that the same entities ripping me off are churning out.

The “author”, “Cooper Hartman”, is a fiction. Not a real person, claims to be from Chicago even though there’s zero records of the guy existing there or in any of the surrounding areas. Maybe he misspelled his name, who knows (he didn’t). But the book says its “fully illustrated” and he must’ve forgot those illustrations because this version don’t have em. It does however have such sound advice as “program your Baofeng with Chirp using a computer”.

Bottom line here, don’t get scammed, and that’s exactly what these imitations are. They’re all following a predictable pattern – ripping off my title knowing that Amazon doesn’t extend IP protections to titles, kicking out a bunch of ChatGPT nonsense then getting a AI to generate a bunch of bot reviews in an impossibly short amount of time.

So…this pile of crap is currently free on Kindle. Go ahead and download it – and give it an honest rating. Let Amazon know how much you appreciate being ripped off, since they’re still not interested in protecting their genuine content creators.

9 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Ripoff of My Book

  1. Charles Kahn

    I’ve seen tons of these things popping up on Amazon, still appreciate the original from a the real NC Scout. I’m glad I bought mine as soon as it came out. You rock! God bless.

  2. sixalpha

    Interesting timing here. I’m ready to publish my first novel on Amazon/Kindle. However, when I hear this from you, someone I respect and admire, it makes me think twice about publishing on Amazon. Amazon’s lack of protection for genuine content creator’s is a sticking point for me as well. What is the alternative? Emily Bestler Books for sellouts? Hang in there Scout. Your book is next to my Baofeng UV-5R MK4 chargers.

    1. Honestly, publishing through them remains the best option. There’s no overhead cost associated with it, and to be fair the risk of getting your work ripped off is low unless you become a high profile target. From a financial perspective in terms of cost to benefit (and exposure), I hate to say it but Amazon is the best bet.

  3. Sam Brady

    Easy Solution ; Just do business directly with Brushbeater or any other creator of goods and content.

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