258. Trolling the Sad Hams with NotARubicon Productions


Episode 258. I’m joined by Joe Dolio of Tactical Wisdom and Randy from Not A Rubicon to talk gatekeepers in the communications world, practical solutions to everyday needs, and of course, the proper pronunciation of Baofeng.

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2 thoughts on “258. Trolling the Sad Hams with NotARubicon Productions

  1. I had to chuckle the first time I heard the term “Sad Hams”, denoting >The Karens of the Airwaves< with their OPEN MOUTHS and closed minds. It's a shame, really, because ham radio can be such a dynamic hobby and a powerful tool. The hams who shoot, hike, sail, fly and generally have a good life and a good mate – those are the best bet to be radio friends with. OTOH, the guys who live in Mom's basement, don't date, and have nothing but ham radio for a reasons to live – keep your distance.

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