Open Sources- 14DEC15


Why America isn’t Winning Wars Op Ed- Christian Science Monitor/Yahoo

“We are not postured as a [Defense] department, intellectually or organizationally, for these highly asymmetric and largely unconventional long-term challenges,” Vickers said in congressional testimony. “We are winning battles and campaigns, but not our wars.”

I can simplify it far further- They don’t get it. PC-thought-crime and group-think doesn’t allow it. More importantly, despite all the advantages at their disposal, an asymmetric enemy still grows larger and continues to win.

It’s an outside source affirming what many(myself included) have been telling you.

3 thoughts on “Open Sources- 14DEC15

  1. Doug

    In the centralized marxist controlled police state of amerika, where hands grasp the levers of totalitarian power and wealth with the fervent desperation of a psychopath, and open source warfare against this tyranny in all its forms is being waged, the last thing that will happen is those hands will move to grasp the fundamentals of how to counter it.
    It isn’t possible, in any effective counter measure, because to understand the inherent rightfulness of 4th Generation war waged against such tyranny in the name of liberty is a concept of first principles, primal rights, ideas, and faith in something so profound and beautiful, that only to not be a tyrant can one understand it all. And in not doing so, understanding the open source enemy of your illegitimate power, you can not see into the mind of your existential enemy, and it is inevitable you loose and people who believe in freedom win.

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