Open Sources- Russian Army HF Digital Mode

A great resource for the observer of Foreign Armies

From bare bones basic but effective LRP:


To the Warfighter seen here:


Working a digital mode from a sort-of Toughbook and HF in a hasty OP:


This is important for a couple of reasons. It gives us something to listen for, recognizing the new modes and how they sound over the air(and how the waterfall looks on a display), and it gives us a direction in our SIGINT capabilities. Recognizing technology on the battlefield, both seen and heard, is a critical part of a Scout team’s skill set.

“The upgraded system will be based on the modernized “Morse” code sensor, modern digital technologies will for the first time be used in the work of telegraphists. The new wireless operator workstation, designed for the audio telegraphic exchange of information in a shortwave range, will surpass the existing domestic counterparts in terms of its features and technical characteristics.

Whenever you see “shortwave” range, this means HF.

Another great resource for the Listening Crew to get pointed in the right direction:

Russian Frequency List

Known Russian Digital Modes

Write it down in your Data Book and get to work. Roger, Out.

5 thoughts on “Open Sources- Russian Army HF Digital Mode

  1. Good day! Pleasant to see links to 🙂 Just note they stopped openly publishing fresh intercept data on Russian .gov and .mil frequencies some years ago – as a site rule. But continue posting Ukrainian 😀 have you seen “NATO scanner” block on forum?

    Funny to say, ‘warfighter’ photo inspired with western .mil culture. If on interest, google ”gruppa99 calendar”.

    1. Good Morning to you! I didn’t expect them to publish current information, however, it’s a great starting point for folks interested in the topic. I have not seen the NATO scanner issue…but that is most interesting.
      The term “warfighter” is pretty popular in military circles here. Interesting photos with the “gruppa99” search term- there’s a video floating out there of that guy and his team doing an air insertion and conducting a training mission. Very professional team.

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