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We go to war with the Army we have, not the Army we want.

Keeping this truth in mind as we examine current events, it’s important to note that the guys on the ground are the guys on the ground, and you are where you are. Posturing and potificating aside, the reality is that these situations are indeed becoming more and more commonplace, leading up to an eventual large-scale situation. Should things be done differently? Absolutely. Then again, the planners of Market-Garden would likely agree after getting out flanked, only after the fact. That’s ok…may you find success in the knowledge of your failures. It’s why we do AARs. Many of us in the blogosphere have pointed in the proper direction, and some of those pointers are heeded, and yet others fall by the wayside. Such is life. However rather than bash from afar as a few have chosen to do, I humbly offer a few pointers based upon my own experiences and training.

Create Ripples.

The situation created between the Idaho group and the FBI was brilliant. The fact that it was caught on film was even better. From an analysis standpoint, we have faces and equipment, but much more importantly, we have a gauge of posture of the personnel. In addition, it humanizes yourself against an otherwise bloodthirsty enemy. There are those in that crowd who would gun everyone present down and not think twice; the guys out front during the initial contact on both sides do not share that mentality and we can gauge this simply by their body language. It is through them that this thing may very well de-escalate, and everyone gets to go home, which is the end-goal.

By creating ripples, we basically use a simple cause and effect scenario- we cause, they effect. The more pro-active one is in the fight, the better his chances are at winning. In addition, the observation is three dimensional. Someone on the ground from afar, but nearby, should be doing some sort of signals collection. When we force an adversary to act, the first thing he’ll do is signal others. Figure out how that’s happening. It might very well be the signal of what comes next.

Dubious Characters

This situation, as with the original Bundy Ranch standoff, is rife with interesting folks and questionable motives. This has led to all sorts of fear and paranoia. This guy is a provacatuer, that guy is a closet fed, etc…Bottom line is this- we don’t know and can’t know everything or everyone. And you can’t trust every swinging richard with a III% hoodie and a glock. So be it; you shouldn’t trust anyone you don’t personally know and have the ability to properly vet. This takes time, just like the break-in period for the new guy in a Unit. In a hasty situation of standing a unit up, there’s a simple way- use folks to their abilities and let their performance in those tasks be the definition of loyalty. Every organization, military, gang, pack, or otherwise, has means of earning trust; almost always associated with levels of performance in increasingly sensitive tasks. Sure, some are going to be informants to whomever, but, be that as it may, compartmentalize everything and you’ll have an easier road. Counterintelligence exists for a reason, these problems are nothing new. Who assigns what has to do with who’s in charge; thus, normally it’s that first guy on the ground. As for the folks at the center of the current issue, who knows. I’m not one so I can’t say, and there’s conflicting reports. More importantly is the fact that they’re there, and although the timing is indeed a bit off, rarely do fights happen where and when we want them to. All that said though, when a provacateur/informant/dangerous idiot, etc. is spotted, it is in the best interest of everyone to get him gone, and keep him gone. In addition, no one incident is going to “crush” the III% cause. From where I see it, on the East Coast, the level of current dissatisfaction with the direction of the Country is perhaps the greatest windfall to the Liberty Movement. And something tells me the events of the next 90 days may prove even more fateful.

Our objectives coincide; we recognize a a pattern of gross over-reach of Government and a straying far from the bounds of the Law. Despite all of the above, it is that motivation which needs to be recognized. We have a common interest…and if not now, when?

Shooting more often with a Camera than a Rifle

So far the protest has been peaceful; I pray it stays that way. Additionally, roll the film as much as possible, collecting everything you can in the process. That DSLR is the greatest tool on the ground right now; combined with an internet connection and the proper outlet channels, the fight can be won without firing a shot. So far a magnificent job has been done of this. And again, I pray that this is indeed the way it all plays out. Believe it or not, the vast majority of folks I’ve come into contact with where this topic has come up are in support of what’s happening; and these are folks who could’ve cared less about Ruby Ridge or Waco.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this; that the time of playing and posturing is over. The lines are galvanized and becoming more and more hardened everyday. On the cusp of what is shaping up to be a cataclysmic year, it is important to make yourselves the very best you can be. Recognize where you stand and know that it takes much more than lip service to restore rightful Liberty. It is and will be an uphill battle. May God continue His mercy, and shine His blessings upon both the Men and Women there, and you the reader, lest it be on your doorstep tomorrow.

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