Dieu et les Dames


The absolute most deplorable act a human can commit is that of rape. Be it a child, woman, or man, the violation of another individual is in and of itself worse than murder. It is an act whose sole aim is that of conquer; the domination of another against the will. It is an act that should have but one punishment; death; and whose ramifications are lifelong in its victims.

It seems as though Europe is having a bit of an issue- one that wasn’t hard to predict by many with experience in Islamic culture. The domination of the male and consequence of violation of mores is far, far deeper than what can even be understood in the West. Thus, it’s been hard for the soft minded socialist states of Europe to understand the democide they have unleashed upon their societies.

In the US, these issues are not new, but also not seen to the degree that it’s erupting in Europe. With an influx of a population which views itself as superior and empowered by non-enforcement of standards, a dangerous situation is thus created. When the law refuses to protect it’s citizens, the people have no further recourse than that of taking the law upon their own hands.

Fortunately in the United States we still have, despite the best efforts of the marxist left, a culture with a low tolerance and a short fuse of such behaviors. The very best thing that anyone can do for their loved ones is giving the gift of empowerment- Self Defense, taught to be of violent action and brief in nature, serves as a strong deterrent to any assault pre-empted by another.


These Ladies will not become victims.

Me: “This is a Glock 19, statistically the most reliable handgun on Earth, and very simple in operation.”

Her: It feels like a brick in my hand. I don’t like it.” Doesn’t shoot well with it, either.

Me: “This is a CZ P07, a bit slimmer in the hand, a bit more complicated, but still very reliable.”

Her: “I like this, much, much better!” All rounds print nice in a center of mass pattern on a standard IPSC target.

I was teaching from my way of thinking- simple to operate under pressure, near 100% reliability, and extremely common; all traits I value from being a pragmatic male. It wasn’t comfortable for her, and it showed. But in broadening that horizon a bit, and opening up a few options, now there’s not only a lady confident in her weapon but also her skill- and that’s an immeasurable gift.

I use the word Empowerment for a very specific reason- a good friend, and nearly bona-fide femmi-nazi went from being an anti-gun line parrot-er to being an open carry advocate; all because of a few trips to the range and being opened up to the prospects from other ladies out shooting. Self protection is a fundamental right of all humans and should be viewed as such.

The reality is that you can’t be everywhere all the time to protect everyone you love; start teaching them now, not only in a relaxed manner but in a way that helps them. Let them pick up what’s comfortable, and see their own progress. It builds confidence and empowers; a beautiful thing. It’ll matter big time in the future, even if it’s just to ward off home invaders.

It’s your sacred duty to make your tribe the absolute best it can be. You can’t do it all alone.

5 thoughts on “Dieu et les Dames

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  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Great post! We owe it to our women-folk to show them how to protect themselves and the rest of the family, while we men are “otherwise engaged” or “at the ready” elsewhere.

    Plus–my better half of 48 Summers has eminently better target acquisition and night vision than yours truly. I learn a lot from her.

    Warms my heart to see a 70 year old gal packing a 45LC wheel gun along with a 30/30 Winne in the scabbard astride a sound equine, and knowing she can ride and shoot like lightening and thunder.

    She’ll pass it on….

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